Managed IT
It simply makes sense.


From an IT point of view, the complex nature and almost total dependency some companies have on IT to transact and operate day to day means there is an increased reliance of having a partner to provide and look after that function in the business.

Reliable IT Performance and Peace of Mind

We oversee all the routine tasks required to optimize your IT environment. We keep your business running smoothly so you can do your work.

  • Keep all your virus definitions up to date
  • Perform regular reviews of system logs and reports
  • Conduct regular security patching across your servers and workstations

Support for You, Your Staff, & Your Devices

We answer our phones and your staff can call us anytime.  We assist you when you need it.

  • All aspects of desktop support and user account administration
  • Mobile device support
  • Dealing with virus and malware issues
  • Support for public, private and hybrid cloud access
  • Remote and onsite support

Back Up Plan that Works

Your data is the core of your business.  We give you redundant backup and recovery solutions so you’ll never lose your most important assets.

  • Management for a custom Disaster Recovery Plan to keep you in business when the unexpected strikes
  • Multiple backups including full server replication in the Cloud or on location

Keep Your Technology Up to Date

Technology changes in a nano-second.  We ensure that your IT is ahead of the curve.

  • Monitor your servers and networks to see threats before they do their damage
  • Keep your system running at optimal performance
  • Listen carefully to you to help plan the IT road ahead for your business.
Our Loveland managed IT team can help with cloud services, software services and managing your computer network remotely

Cooperation.  A serious essential required by all of life’s bargains.  Cooperation requires mutual respect, awareness and empathy.

We stay steadfast with you – with the knowledge that it must be mutual.

Managed IT can put a smile on your face.

But it’s got to be done right and with a company that will watch your budget, refrain from overselling you products and services you do not need, and pulling the wool over your eyes.

Call us.  We don’t do BS.

It can be difficult hiking down the road of technology.  It can make you feel lonely, confused and frustrated.

Worse yet, the technology you need to do your business may even hinder your work.

Let us do the work- so that you can do yours.

Passion led us here.  It led you to be diligent about your business.  It led us to learn how to serve you with knowledge, skill and care.  May our passions serve each other.  It’s called good business.


Millennium Group takes a progressive approach to managing your IT infrastructure.  Speed, agility, and simplicity are keys to minimizing and mitigating the many challenges and risks information technologies can create while effectively reducing costs.

We utilize an advanced set of IT tools and professionals that are practiced at providing real value and innovation that produces measurable reliability and performance results.  Whether you are seeking an integrated solution to support existing infrastructure components or you are ready to completely outsource your IT environment, the Millennium Group will work with you in a full partnership.  We listen carefully and respond with candor.

The Millennium Group explores the best IT service management platforms that will serve your business.  We answer our phones, respond rapidly and provide our clients with cloud hosting, infrastructure monitoring, backup and disaster services and any other function that benefits and protects your business.

Most IT companies praise their process of monitoring and managing IT systems to identify recurring problems requiring solutions. They send their clients reports full of data, numbers and incidents.  We think this is backward thinking and slightly arrogant.  Our process is straightforward.  We see a problem, we fix it.  We let you know immediately what is going on and what needs to be done.  We believe we should truly act as if we are in your corner, not just talk.  We walk the walk.

Technology becomes more complex each day and there are no technicians or engineers that can master the breadth of the arena.  It takes a team, an ensemble – a group of individuals who enjoy puzzles and problem solving and that trust each other’s expertise to make sound collective decisions. In-house IT can seldom provide this healthy mix.  Internal IT staffs are getting expensive and problematic. Millennium Group removes the problems and makes it simpler for you.

When you partner with the Millennium Group you can pick our brains and have access to resources and experts without the cost typically associated with hiring in-house.  You do not have to trains us – it will be our responsibility to become familiar with your system and equipment.  Unlike the 60% of employees, who when fired or asked to leave, steal data and intellectual property on the way out the door, we will always behave as your peer and your partner.  We share the same commitment to helping you build your business and increase your productivity and profitability.  Outsourcing allows you to stay competitive in the technology game without being responsible for the overhead of playing the game.

You will save money.  We provide the combination of round the clock support, flexibility and security that produces true accountability.  We have to be accountable.  We are answering to you.

Our staff doesn’t know how to do your job.  We do IT and we do it responsibly.  We believe in asking questions and analyzing before we start working on any project.  We offer a full basket of tools that includes Support, Engineering, IT Operations and IT Management.  It is all at your disposal.

We promise more reliable performance and more predictable expenses when you work with us. That means you get more value from the technology you’ve already invested in while actually reducing the total costs of IT problems and the resulting downtime. Unlike many Managed IT companies, we also know how to get our hands dirty and dig in the ditches, literally and metaphorically.  We actually like to do our work.  We don’t hide behinds our suits, props or elite jargon.  We honor authenticity.

We have several Managed IT options for your consideration but we refuse to be a cookie cutter service.  We choose to get to know you, learn about your pains involving technology and providing solutions that work within your budget while driving you towards your future.

We’re all in the same boat.

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Note: The results of our survey were hardly surprising.  We face these issues every day. What we enjoyed hearing is that several people commented on how their Managed IT providers had slick, professional websites with lots of credentials.  They told us they preferred our site and felt it was speaking to them without the BS.  Sweet.


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