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MG Help Me Remote Technology

MGHELPME (Millennium Group Help Me) is our remote technology that allows us to work on your computer through a secure remote connection.  Our clients assisted us in naming our remote service “MG Help ME” because they would frequently call the office and yell out “Millennium Group- help me!” when they suddenly had a computer problem.  It became an office joke and several entertaining clients abbreviated the call to the mantra “MG help me!”.  So “MG help me!” it is….and we are here to help you.

If you are able to get on the internet, we are able to remote into your computer to determine what is causing your problem.

We have learned that most problems can be solved within 5 minutes, so we offer the first 5 minutes free to our clients.  You may watch us work and speak with us on the phone during the process.

To request remote support, please follow the directions on this page.  Call us when you have downloaded the remote support software and have an ID number ready to give us.

Call us at 1.970.663.1200 or 1.800.280.2304 to schedule a remote repair.


Download MG Help Me


The MG Help Me method:

  1. Download the software to your computer, preferably your desktop.
  2. Confirm all dialogue boxes by pressing yes or next.
  3. Once the program opens find the ID number.
  4. Wait for further instruction.


At the Millennium Group or mghelpme the cost for this service is $2.00/min. with a 15 minute minimum.
A remote session is defined by a phone or computer connection with a technician.


You and your data are safe and respected. At mghelpme you are secure and cared for. Relax, sip a cup of coffee and chat with us as we work for you. If you are a new customer, please visit the links below and explore who we are.

We look forward to greeting you. We provide this service to ensure that our customers are provided the personal and expert care they deserve to operate technology in their homes and businesses.

Fully Installed Support:

Click here for: Installed Support

Not Sure if Remote Assistance is What You Need?