We’ve been around the block.

We’re getting older.
And we’ve learned one hell of a lot.

Since 1990, Andy Pizer has always run his business like his Dad ran his medical practice.  House calls, good bedside manners, late night hours and humans above all things. We help people.  We put them first, above technology, and focus on them as our North Star.  We work to be meaningful, strategic, friendly and honorable. Few use that word anymore, ‘honorable’.  We do.

We’re enthused about our staff. They are the finest and most knowledgeable we have ever had on board.

We have the wind at our back.  

It feels sweet.



Andy Pizer

Andy started his IT business in 1990, after forging his character in the construction industry.  He’s a natural engineer, inventor (see TheNailer.com), and troubleshooter whose impetus has never wavered.  He believes in serving people and solving problems.  He’s the guy in the red cape who sometimes appears at midnight to salvage a tech calamity caused by a mountain slide.  When he’s not wearing his cape he is in his red sports car, gliding the mountain roads.  He’s the quintessential self-made man, thanks to a lifetime of hard work, deep challenges and ingenuity.


Brad Roths

Brad Roths joins the Millennium Group from Dallas, Texas where he worked with Bose Corporation and adeptly handled store management and customer relationships.  With years of hard-earned experience in technical support to customers, business operations, employee training, and technology integration of networks, POS and internal customer systems, Brad is well prepared to serve our business clients and join the techs in their constant state of problem-solving.  The fact that he is innately gracious, self-aware, curious and charming is some pretty sweet icing on the Millennium Group’s cake.

Jinx Davis

Jinx is the storyteller.  She pulls from a lifetime of theatre and literary experiences to infuse business with humanity.  She’s our Mama Bear, legal department, accountant, marketer, performer, housekeeper and warrior- stepping up to the plate to do whatever needs to be done.  Her character has been forged by experiencing the world in ways most folks cannot fathom and she’s earned the title of Mensch.

Jinx directs our sister non-profit charity: Living Arts Corporation and insures that we never lose track of the authentic priorities in life.

Jack Preigh

It’s hard to resist Jack’s presence upon introduction.  He’s ‘there’.  Right there.  A strong handshake and salutation are followed by an animated explanation of the technical tasks at issue and an outright sweet intent to have his listener understand what was done and why.  Clients send us notes about how much they appreciated his service and leave our office with smiling countenances.

Jack is the refreshing nerd, as the term has been reclaimed and redefined to connotate pride and group identity.  He can crawl into the machinations of technology and enjoy the endless tasks.  His skills have been augmented through his studies, and at our office, with the constant challenge of helping our home and business clients, Jack helps us think ahead to solve networking issues, database complications and the integration of big machinery with software and hardware.  He jumps into the tech discussions with ease, teaching, and learning. It’s Jack’s job to take care of the tech benches and multi-task over building new computers and repairing existing ones while researching solutions for the puzzles the staff faces with our business clients.

Jack grew up in Boulder and may just know every corner of Northern Colorado that can make a great espresso.  That’s hard to beat.

Marina Dargitz

Marina is wholeheartedly jumping into hardcore tech work, graphic and web design and writing articles, posts and marketing pieces for both our clients and in-house projects.  Throw a challenge her direction and she’s on top of it.  All this with an academic background in economics and market analysis, which if you know anything about smart young people, makes sense.  A recent administrative internship in Shanghai, China allowed her to experience the benefits of cultural exchanges and opened up the worldwide challenge of alleviating orphanage shortages.  Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Colorado State University in May 2016, Marina has positioned herself well with an armory of skills, proficiencies, and curiosities that include software writing, graphic design, international relations, language, administration and project coordination.  Her enthusiasm and focus are impressive – and we feed off it.

Theo Butler is our artist in residence and the art he practices is coding.  If you never considered coding an art form, you haven’t watched Theo work.  He’s light years ahead of us, and we literally get dizzy when he explains his process.  He jumped in to build a huge software project and is investing his engineering skills to ensure its success.  We’d like to think our partnership will last for a long, long run.